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A story of us

Just a little about my company.

So I have been making soaps for 10 years.  I started to make soap for myself because I was tired of all the itchy dry skin I would get with my regular body wash.  Well then I found out all of that soap is detergent!  No wonder I was itching.  I started slowly with a batch or two.  Then I started giving it away to my friends.  They have always been told how great my soaps are, and that I should sell them.  Well after years of speculation and hesitation, here I am.  I have developed the perfect recipe to soothe the skin. I have many different types of soaps, for many different types of skin.  Now I have expanded and included lip balms, lotions, body butters, and even wax tarts. I know once you try one of my soaps you will be hooked.  They leave your skin clean, moisturized, soothed, and all without that soapy residue you get with store bought brands.  Plus, you can read all my ingredients unlike big manufacturers.  So come on, take a chance, and see for yourself what a difference natural soap can make for you.  


We have many different products for all skin types and needs.  Most items are limited edition meaning, once they are sold out I will not be making them again.   I will have some products that will be in my line all the time depending on how they are liked.  Body butters, lotions, wax melts will always be for sale, but the scents may change.  And of course soap!  There will always be an abundance of soap!

Along with our regular sales, we are able to do custom orders (within reason), wholesale products, shower gifts, and are also open to discuss any kind of sale.  

Another part of our story is about giving.  We have a local homeless shelter right in my neighborhood.  They offer the people a place to shower, grab a meal, and get warmed/cooled.  We have donated about $300 in soap to Matt Talbott here in Lincoln in the means of rebatched soap.  This means all the soap scraps I retain from my batches of soap, I keep those and rebatch them in to soaps.  I will continue to do this for Matt Talbott as long as I am in business.

Anyhoot, that's our history in a nutshell and here we still are making a go of this buiz.  With all new products available to, and possibly more to come still, we are growing.  Thanks to all of you who have purchased from me.  You are making my dream come true!  If you haven't yet purchased from me, I encourage you to give us a try.  I have many types of soaps geared towards many ailments.  Butters, lotions, lip balms, bath salts.  There will be something for you I promise. So give all handmade a try, you wont regret it!