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Privacy Policy

How  much do you hate it when those companies sell your emails?  We do to and here at Rainbow Soaps N More, we keep everything private about you.  Your bathroom visits are yours and yours alone!  We will never disclose anything.  


Tammy Kazebeer, Owner

Terms & conditions

 sales are final!  due to my products being used on the body, there will be no returns, no refunds.  If there is a problem with your product, I will be happy to exchange it for you as long as you notify me within 72 hours.   If you are looking for a refund just because you don't like the product, that will not happen.  I'm sorry if you are disappointed with a purchase, but I cannot take the item back.  We can however work out an  agreement that both sides will be happy with.  But once you purchase my products you will not be unhappy.  So there are no worries here.